Basics Of Becoming A Great Car Shipper

Huge trucks gunning down the highway with smaller cars hanging is a very common sight these days. These trucks are known as car haulers or carriers. Their only task is to move vehicles of various shapes and sizes all over the country. All the cars that you usually see at your local dealerships have been in one of these People pay a lump sum to get their cars moving from one place to another without dealing with the troubles themselves. Car shipping can be very stressful and demands a lot of dedication and hard work. Nevertheless, being a car shipper can be very profitable and lucrative.

With over 7000 combined shipments and bid posted, Auto Transport City has come across all sorts of car haulers. They can range from excellent and highly professional to moderate and completely awful. We know what separates best from the rest. With that being said, a car hauler’s job is not the same as your average trucker.

How To Become a Car Shipper?

With each new shipment, you gain some new experience. There are no predefined guidelines for becoming a good car shipper. We have assembled some basic tips that might help you in your journey to becoming – one of the best.

Fulfilling Your Legal Requirements

You need to have your paper works sorted out but first thing’s first, you will need a CDL or commercial driving license. There are many categories in CDL. In order to become a car transporter, a Class A CDL is mandatory. This license ensures that you are legally able to pilot carriers that weigh in excess of 25000 pounds.

A known industry standard is to keep your deductibles below the $1000 mark to avoid any inconveniences. Your certificate of insurance, employer identification number bearing your US DOT and other essential documents should accompany you at all times.

Gaining Some Experience

After acquiring your driving license. you will be needing some over the road experience. Get at the very least a minimum of 1.5 years experience. This is the requirement for most insurance companies before they allow you to haul cars. You should also have a clean driving record and make regular safety inspections and ensure repairs are adequately made.

Understanding Your Vehicle Hauling Duties

As a car shipper, you will regularly transport vehicles from one place to another. Your duties may vary depending on whether you are working for a company or a self-employed contractor. You must ensure a proper timeline so that the car is delivered on time. You should also have knowledge about the loading and unloading of a vehicle. Apart from this, you must also possess great customer service skills so that you can communicate with your clients at pickup and dropoff locations.

Avoid Getting Exhausted

Driving a truck long-distance can take a toll on any driver. We strongly advise you to get adequate rest periods and avoid taking shipments if you aren’t feeling well. The FMCSA keeps a record of work hours for truck haulers. It’s forbidden to drive more than 70 hrs a week. A 34 hrs including two nights is mandatory. A 30-minute break during the initial 8 hours of driving is also a must.

Obtaining The Right Machinery

You need to figure out the type of truck and equipment for car shipping. If you plan to cover long distances then large carriers are suitable. If you are limited to a certain region, mediocre or small carriers are more practical. Do keep in mind large carriers are way more expensive than their smaller counterparts but with a higher price tag the possibilities of earning increases. You can go for either of the options keeping your routes and finances in mind.

Set Up A Website

Having a website at your disposal and a professional email address is a huge plus. Having a professional email address will greatly enhance your reputation. There is no catch because emails come free when you buy a domain.

Get Adequate Training

One cannot become a car hauling expert without proper extensive training. You can get training via a school or another car shipping company. You should train about how to properly space your vehicle, load and unload a vehicle, optimization of space on your deck and proper seating and strapping of vehicles on deck. Loading and unloading can be physically intensive so as a car hauler one should always stay fit.

Basic Salary

An average car shipper can earn up to $100000 annually. The starting salary of a new auto transporter is just under $60000. Apart from the transportation pay, haulers may also receive compensation for decking and undecking the truck, which is done upon departure and arrival and many other bonuses.

To Sum It Up

Becoming and being a successful car hauler is not an easy task. However, there are few jobs that pay as well and offer the same options. If you find the correct employer and establish a reputation of safety and care for the cars on your trailer, you can make a decent living. If you like cars, you may come into contact with some rare exotic and luxury cars. Just remember there is no substitute for patience. A dedicated commitment to safety and a desire to learn at every turn will help you in achieving your goal.

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