Car Shipping From Arkansas To California

If you are planning shipping your car from Arkansas to California, you will be requiring the services of an expert auto transporter. There are many reasons why people prefer moving from Arkansas to California. One being Arkansas gets really hot during the summer season. Second, the natives are depriving of rain for the most part of the year. So, they tend to migrate towards more rain-friendly states and California can be one of those states. It experiences a fair share of rain throughout the year. As a result, a trip to California is all Arkansawyers might be needing to satisfy their rainy cravings. 

Why Ship Your Car In the First Place?

Shipping a car from Arkansas to California is actually cheaper and less stressful than driving. If you are planning to drive your car personally to California, we highly suggest you reconsider your decision. The costs are substantial and we highly doubt you would want to arrive with an empty pocket in California. As it is considered one of the most expensive states in the US.   

Let us explain to you in detail why it is a bad idea to go for any option other than a reliable auto transporter. Your plane ticket will cost you roughly $400. Add into this $200 for food and gas consumption. You also need to factor in the lodging and opportunity costs. The cost of these will be approximately $400. The combined cost amounts to roughly $1000 which is much higher than an auto transport trip for this route.

An open carrier will cost you around $800 depending on the conditions. The route availability from Arkansas to California is also very high. You can expect fast delivery with no delays. The average transit period is usually 2 to 5 days if you choose a reliable auto transporter. Why would you want to put an unnecessary mileage burden on your car? When ATC is doing all the hard work for you. Just create your shipment on our official website. Once your order is placed, your vehicle is scheduled for pickup by your auto transporter. 

ATC Has You Covered…

Every day transporters ship hundreds of vehicles, more often than not all of them arrive without a single incident or major mishap. Our transporters can pick up your vehicle from any location in Arkansas and deliver it to any location in California. The auto shipping process has many steps and we’ll ensure that moving your vehicle is easy and stress-free as possible. Once you have seen your custom shipment rates, you can progress further and place your order through our website. You will need to provide specific information about the pickup and delivery locations. This will ensure that the transportation process is smooth and seamless.  

There’s a famous saying the auto transport industry “You Get What You Pay For”. At Auto Transport City you will get exactly what you expected i.e full coverage when transporting cars from Arkansas to California with unparallel services and full customer support. So, if you need a price to move a car or truck from Arkansas to California. Use our convenient website to get an instant auto transport quote and trust your auto transport experience to the best in the business!

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