All You Need To Know About Current Car Shipping Industry

All You Need To Know About Current Car Shipping Industry

So, you are new to this, and you are browsing through the internet to look for ways in order to get your vehicle transported, and you don’t trust most of what internet has to offer because you do not just want to hand over your car keys to any tom, dick or harry.
The only downside is that you do not how the Auto transport Industry works.  No need to rake your brain into it further, by the time you get to the end of this article, you would probably get a pretty definitive idea of this industry and it works, and maybe teach a thing or two to any newbie about it.
So, Let’s get down to it, then!
Let’s start with the basics,

What is an auto transport industry?

Auto Transport industry is a type of cargo companies that specializes in the transportation and shipping of vehicles from one place to another for a fee.


What type of auto transport should I choose?

It’s entirely up to you, mate. There are many transport services out there in the market from which to choose from. It depends on the sanctity of your vehicle, its size, weight, and dimensions.


What are types of auto transport?

Auto transport industry deals with two most common types of auto transport, door-to-door transport and the other is terminal-to-terminal.


What is a door to door auto transport?

Door to door auto transport refers to the transport where the transporting company picks up from your doorstep and delivers your vehicle to your desired destination. This mode of auto transport is rather expensive in the auto transport industry. On the contrary to terminal-to-terminal, this mode of transportation provides the shipper the luxury to not move an inch while its vehicle is being picked up and delivered to the desired location.
It works like a taxi but for your vehicle to be transported anywhere. The shipper also prefers to use this type of services if they want to transport an exotic or an expensive vehicle. Many celebrities and other rich folks indulge in auto transport industry to ship out their precious vehicles.


What is a terminal to terminal auto transport?

Terminal-to-terminal auto transport refers to the transport where you are required to pick up and/or drop-off to a specific car shipping terminal in order to complete your transaction. This mode of transport is the most commonly used throughout the year. It is relatively much cost-effective as compared to door to door. Hence, auto transport industry is not that much costly as you might think.
Auto transport industry deals with numerous vehicles that are transported and dropped off at the particular shipping terminal to be picked up. The shippers are required to pick up or drop off their respective vehicles to transported to another shipping terminal to be picked up.


Where do I have to pick up or drop off my car?

Your transporter would probably give you this answer to your question. As there are a lot of aspects to look into an auto transport industry. For instance, it would definitely vary whether your vehicle is being picked up from suburbs or an urban area.
In suburbs, there are not any traffic jams which does not take a lot of time for the transporter. The same can not be said for picking up cars from urban areas. The transporter could charge you for more as there are a lot of traffic jams and maybe some roadblocks in the urban areas that will cost of time and energy to the transporter and you would probably be charged for the same.


Here is the list of 10 Cities  With the Worst Traffic Congestion in US

With all basic questions are now out the way, and you probably start to get the gist of this industry.
Let’s begin with what an auto transport industry really has to offer.


Calculate your auto transport estimate online

To find out what it would cost to transport your vehicle to another city or state, Auto transport industry also now provides an online estimate for your vehicle transport. It may not precisely accurate but you will get the idea and prepare accordingly money-wise.
Once you get an estimate for your vehicle that needs to be transported, you would want to get in touch with various service providers in order to get a real quotation. An online marketplace has various registered transport companies who make tons transportation on a daily basis. You just create your shipment and let them come to assist you all car shipping needs.
When you create a shipment listing on our marketplace and starts to get numerous bids and proposals to choose from and it has puzzled you somewhat in order to choose and makes you wonder that..


How do I find the right transporter?

It’s not that complicated as you might think. You just need to put down each and every necessary detail about your shipment on your listing. The more detailed oriented your listing would be, the more right transporters’ bids you would be able to receive.

By listing a detailed description of your shipment makes it easier for the transporters to calculate their fares and propose an accurate bidding with necessary types of equipment in order to haul your vehicle.
Auto transport industry has also got marketplaces where transporters get feedback on their past performances by other shipping members just like you. The more positive feedback the transporters achieved in our platform, the more likely they will be considered as more trustworthy and credible. In order to measure their credibility on our platform, this could be one of the easiest ways.


How would the transporter prevent my car getting scratches from other vehicles?

A professional vehicle transporter who has been in the auto transport industry for quite some time would have all the necessary tools to protect your vehicle getting damages, scratches, fender benders from other vehicles.
Before and during the shipment process of your transportation, it is a routine in an auto transport industry that a professional auto transporter always looks out for any leakages from vehicles. That includes oil, fuel or gasoline leakages, as they threaten danger to your vehicle and the others. There also might be a chance of the carrier to slip due to excessive fuel leakage. These routine checks in auto transport industry are the norm to prevent vehicles from getting damages.
Some basics tools are provided by your very own vehicle, such as emergency brake, leaving the car on drive gear in case of manual transmissions or park brake in case automatic ones.
Auto transport industry also offers an option of hiring a private transport service that will be designated to haul only your vehicle alone. Of course, this mode of transport will be costlier than any normal mode of transportation. If you are willing to hire this type of service, then put it in your shipment listing. This request of yours will attract the attention of only those transporter who can provide this mode of transport service.


Who would be responsible for damages, if incurred?

In an auto transport industry there always a potential risk of getting damages. Therefore, any damages or fender benders occurred during the shipment process would be covered by your insurance provider if you have got full coverage. If not, you should talk this out with your designated transport service provider about the insurance claim before you hand over your car keys to the transporter.
Many professional transport service providers who are well known in the auto transport industry also offer insurance on their shipment. However, when you put the pen into paper, it is always to re-verify everything about your contract and clears any misunderstandings or ambiguities.
To be on the safe side, especially in dealing with an auto transport industry; you ought to take high-resolution snaps of your vehicle before you hand your vehicle over to the transporter. In case of any damages incurred during the shipment process, you would easily be able to claim your insurance sharing the photographs that you take prior to transport.


Is it required to empty out the gasoline tank for car shipping?

Definitely! The gas tank must be empty at all cost, just enough to make to the nearest gas station for refueling.
The auto transport industry is liable to adhere to the FMCSA regulations. The regulations of FMCSA strictly prohibit any dangerous elements (including gasoline, petroleum or any flammable elements) to be transported by a transport carrier. Use any means necessary to lower your fuel tank, either by taking out your fuel from your vehicle’s gas tank in a container, burn out your fuel by driving or by using any other methods in order to empty your tank as much as you possibly can.


How much time does it take for vehicle transportation?

It will depend on where your vehicle is being transported and in which season you hired an auto transport to ship your vehicle. An auto transport industry could be unpredictable under some conditions. For instance, if you’re planning to transport your vehicle during the winter season, there will be roadblocks and blizzards you have to aware of. These extreme weather conditions certainly take their toll in delaying the expected transport delivery. Same goes for where your vehicle is being transported to. If your vehicle is being transported to a place where hurricane or tornado is on the way; there will definitely be going to delays that you should be prepared.
A well-experienced transporter who has been in the auto transport industry for a while will delay the shipment intentionally for obvious reasons. The transporter will also notify you each delay, the estimated delivery dates about your shipment or any other related matter that you need to be aware of.  


 What is an Auction Style Bidding for Car Shipping?
Auto transport industry also has marketplaces where you have the perk of placing your shipment listing. There will be also various transporters on the marketplace to start placing bids for your shipment and compete against each other in order to win the shipment job.
However, this style of bidding may take some time. You would probably will not accept the very first bid you receive. You will definitely take the advantage of receiving as many bids as possible in order to find the most suitable bid for you.
If you are receiving too many bids and getting puzzled to which one to select. In an auto transport industry, it’s better to put up a solid and detailed description of your shipment listing to attract those transporters who are fit to your transportation needs.


How do I provide a detailed description of my shipment listing?

Like any other industry, auto transport industry also focuses on attention to detail. Fill out the shipment form completely and do not leave anything out. You have to put down your shipment’s weight, dimensions, and other measurements in order to give the transporter a rough idea what types of equipment to use and what precautionary measures to undertake accordingly, in order to provide a safe haven for your vehicle during the shipment process.
You should also put down your recent pictures of your shipment and any specific instruction you need to mention. This will ensure that you are on the same page and also will minimize your chances of any misunderstandings between you and the transporter.


An Ideal Listing has the following:

  • Accurate Measurements, It is one of the basics in auto transport industry. You have to know and share each and every detail relating to the size, dimensions and model of your vehicle on the shipment listing. It is highly helpful for the transporter to make space and have appropriate types of equipment for the safety of your vehicle.


  • Date Specifics, In order to get shipments according to your needs, you have to provide specific dates for the shipment. Date specification is the vital key to an auto transport industry. The shipment dates relate to what you expect from the transporter to pick up or drop-off your vehicle at your stated date. This is will also filter out the unnecessary bidders when you provide specifics on your shipment.


  • Pick up and Drop off Locations, It is imperative to mention in your listing the pickup and drop off locations in an auto transport industry. Unless your vehicle is inoperable, and you’re using a terminal-to-terminal, you have to discuss with the transporter about the pickup and drop off location.


  • Loading up and Unloading indulgence, As carriers are usually huge trailers with vehicles are loaded on their backs. Therefore, it would impossible in an auto transport industry to pick up your vehicle if you’re living in an urban area. Give leverage to your transporter by meeting them up at their desired location to drop off your vehicle.


Selecting a Transport Carrier

Auto transport industry generally deals on two types of carriers. Open and enclosed carriers. The decision entirely depends upon you whether you want to go with an open carrier or want to choose an enclosed one. Let’s break it down how you can select to carrier depending on your requirements and needs
Opened Carriers, almost the entire auto transport industry works on these type of carriers.
They are usually open trailers with vehicles are loaded on the back. These are wide open and have no covers or walls to protect vehicles. They are potentially at risk of getting damages from dust, rocks, and pebbles. These risks become hazards during extreme weather conditions such as blizzards, tornadoes, thunderstorms, etc.
These extreme weathers are troublesome for the auto transport industry. There are many states that are prone to blizzards, tornadoes and thunderstorms, such as Wyoming, Massachusetts and Washington DC. The heavy snowfalls are the norm in these areas and therefore, it’s highly likely that any shipment made during these areas when there is heavy snowfall or blizzards will go in vain.
During these extreme weather conditions, there would obviously be delays. Therefore, it’s always a better and safer option to pre-book your shipment orders during off-seasons. This will also enable you to get a reasonable quote from the transporters and you will not be expecting any delays in your shipment either.


Average Annual Temperature for Each US State


The other type of carrier used in the auto transport industry is an enclosed carrier. This could one the safest and securest way to transport vehicles to anywhere in the US or the world. It is fully covered with walls and roof and provide a safe haven for your vehicle throughout the entire shipment process. In an auto transport industry, enclosed carriers have very high demand. They are rather expensive and still mostly booked throughout the entire year. Especially, during the winter and autumn season, where are expectant of blizzards and thunderstorms on the way. It protects the vehicles getting damages from rocks, heavy rainfalls, and thunderstorms and other extreme weather conditions. As they are fully covered, they provide a discretion for your vehicles as well.
Besides stating the obvious factors of hiring an enclosed carrier. There are other aspects to look into as well.
  • Antique cars, If you looking to showcase your antique to an exhibition or a museum.
  • Sports cars, when you want to transport your sports car directly on to the track without getting damage.
  • Expensive vehicles, all expensive wants extra care and attention for their beauty and looks and can not any get damage, that may resulting in devalue.
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