The Top Cheapest Brand new car of 2018: “Ford Fiesta”


In the world where a watch of Hub lot watch known as Big Band is worth $5 million. It is beyond the bounds of possibility to purchase a car at affordable rates. But you would agree with the fact is that: Nothing is impossible in this world. Ford has proved it to be TRUE. The cheapest brand new car of 2018 is Ford Fiesta. It is available at a mere price of $13,400. Yes, you read it right. By just spending $13400, you could own a car that has a powerful engine and is technologically updated on the latest standards.

What’s New in Ford Fiesta?

Ford Fiesta has been improved from the perspective of both the length and width of the car. 71 mm have been added in the newer version and a width of 13 mm. The focus of Ford was not to completely overhaul the car instead it had a vision of value added to the car in terms of technology and comfort. Luckily the changes made aren’t pricey. With a horsepower of 120 hp and miles per gallon, it consumes for the highway is 35 and in regular use, it is 27 it is astonishing to have such a cheap car in 2018.

Updated Interior

Screen & Infotainment System

The interior for Ford Fiesta has a lot to offer this time. It has a 6.0-inch screen has a navigation and infotainment system. Smart touch infotainment system 3 commonly known as Sync is also a part of its high-tech interior. That’s not it, as per the demand of customers Ford has been asked to install Apple Car Play. Whereas the requirements of Android are not as strict as Apple Car Play os they are equipped in most of the cars. Who could offer you these specifications that also in the cheapest brand new car of 2018?  

Engine and Material of Interior

Most of the interior has been made of soft material whereas the gear and knobs of the door are still made up of hard material. Furthermore, the very basic features such as radio and voice can be controlled by the steering wheel and cruise control too. Its max speed is 120 kph. A 6-speed manual gearbox has like an added topping to the cake.

Only Ford has the ability to produce a car with such capabilities and also make it to the list of the cheapest brand new cars of 2018. The engine with which it is equipped with is a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine with 3 cylinders. The turbocharged engine and 120 speed make a killer combination. The safety measures of Ford Fiesta has been awarded a 4 star out 5 by NHTSA.   

How Is It A High Tech Car?


There are a plethora of features that Ford Fiesta has introduced and has outclassed all its competitors. The option of parallel and perpendicular parking is among the exclusive features of the Ford Fiesta. Lane assist and blind spot assist are the answer to the question of how is it a high tech car. It also can be started by pressing a push button.

Adaptive Lighting System

High beam assist is the lighting system of the car in which you don’t need to manually activate the high light beam. It is adaptive as per the road conditions. If there is a clear road in front of you. Then the high beam lights would automatically turn on for a clearer vision.   

Which Ways Are The Best To Get Your Fiesta Shipped

We just don’t want to provide you the information about the cheapest brand new car of 2018 which is Ford Fiesta instead we want to also make you aware about why to buy it and how to find the auto transport trailer of it? This is something pretty obvious that you also need help in knowing which is the best car shipping company. We proudly announce that we have introduced a portal at which you could find a plethora of auto hauling brokers. A completely unbiased platform where you could find all FMCSA registered truckers.

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You need to know the car shipping cost. There are some requirements that if you follow you will have a cost-efficient yet comfortable shipping of Ford Fiesta. But all these requirements aren’t as much important as what to look in an auto transport trailer:  

Selection Of An Auto Transport Trailer?

Whenever you are shipping a new car the auto transport trailer that you need to select must be an enclosed carrier. Because it protects the car from every kind of weather ailments and road debris. It’s a bit pricier than the other option. But you can’t be frugal when you have bought a brand new car.

In case of Ford Fiesta, you could use the open air trailer reason being, that it’s not a brand new car and another strong reason to do so is that it is the cheapest brand new car. So even if there are minor damages during the process of transit you could get it fixed by spending a small amount of money. It’s the biggest benefit would be that the car shipping cost will get substantially low.

Methods To Use For Auto Hauling Ford Fiesta:

There are 3 methods for hauling your car. But you need to know what is best for the Ford Fiesta. The good news is that it won’t affect your car’s safety at all. This only depends on your comfort and your budget.

When talking about the Ford Fiesta you could choose the door to door transport because you have already saved money by choosing an open transport trailer. The other two options are for penny-pinching. It totally depends on you with which option you opt for.

The other options include affordable auto hauling and cheapest auto hauling. In affordable shipping what happens is your car is picked from the door, but at the time of delivery you must visit the terminal mentioned by the auto hauler and pick your car from the terminal. Whereas in the cheapest method for auto hauling is in which you drive the car to the terminal for both the pickup and the delivery.

The Bottom Line About Ford Fiesta

You must be thinking if it’s that good then why it isn’t sold that much. Well, you’re wrong if you think so. Because Ford Fiesta along with being the cheapest brand new car of 2018 ford fiesta has also been the declared as the best selling car too. So you don’t need to ponder a lot while purchasing it because it’s quite a daunting task to get a car at $13,400 which also has been ranked 4.0 on auto transport reviews by the Edmunds.   

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