How to Eliminate an automobile’s Carbon Footprint


In this day and age where the emissions have affected the environment and as well as the lives of human beings and animals alike in a ghastly manner. The climate of the planet earth is subsequently on the rise and causing the increment in global warming at an alarming rate. The need to find a cure or a remedy for the survival of the human race and the planet is imperative.

To the tell you the truth, you cannot leave anything behind on this one. You can neither the lives of the human race nor the planet on a chance. The safety of the environment and our atmosphere is bigger than you and I. Therefore, it’s safety and protection has to start from us before we start blaming the government and law-making and enforcing institutions.

It’s now or never, whether we all step up and do something about it in order mitigate this situation or should we face the inevitable? The perdition of our mother earth.

In order to eliminate automobile’s carbon footprint, I’m going to tell you about how we will be able to do just that….

How much of an impact of car pollution have on the environment?

Even though, there are millions of cars on the planet earth polluting earth day-in and day-out. However, there are still many among the masses who believe and spread propaganda that the cars are not that big of a catalyst in polluting the environment.

This cannot be farther from the truth, my friend.

EPA claims,

“The transportation is the second leading source of GHG emissions is from transportation.”

There definitely are other sources of air pollution. First being the electricity which causes the most impact on the environment. Then, comes the contribution of cars in polluting the air and the environment.

Do Cars play a little part in air pollution?


As I mentioned earlier, there are various people who claim the cars don’t emit any gases that cause air pollution. It’s a blatant lie, as a simple trip to a countryside and you’d find a significant difference between the air of the countryside and any metropolis.

Pollution from a single car may not be that significant, however, when millions of gas guzzling cars on the road emitting tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Then there should not be any doubt that these cars would have an enormous negative impact on our environment.

What are the impacts of car pollution?

Car pollution has an alarming impact on the environment and as well as on the human health. Still, it doesn’t get the level of attention it needs and requires by the government.

There are many science enthusiasts who don’t bat an eye to the severe repercussions of car pollutions. For instance, the negative impact on your health is inevitable if you have a long commute on your vehicle.

The studies show that the people are more likely to have a negative impact of car pollution while inside the vehicle rather than outside.

This was confirmed in the study by the University of Southern California where they found that the toxic chemicals that are harmful are likely to be present in the vehicle rather than outside.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Furthermore, cars emit various different kinds of hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide.

One of the major adverse effects of these gases is that it blocks and prevents the sunlight to reflect from the surface of the earth.

The solar energy could not to able to get out of the earth’s atmosphere, causing the earth’s temperature to rise at an enormous rate.

It also has one of the major impacts on the increment of global warming. Over the last century, the world’s temperature has risen with an exponential rate.

In this day and age, there are millions of vehicles are on the road and thousands of them are being manufactured on a daily basis.

Just think for a second, how much impact would it have on the planet earth?

The cars emission of these hazardous gases leads to many diseases. Off the top of my head, are respiratory diseases such as asthma are pretty common. The diseases could get worse and end up in lung cancer.

There are so many other diseases that could gravely affect on the human health. We should think twice about our health at least, when we think about the car pollution.

Is there any way to eliminate your car’s carbon footprint?

Honestly speaking, you just can’t dump all the cars and vehicles of the world in one go. It’s a no-brainer that the vehicles are the main center of operations in many industries. Especially, anything related to logistics and transportation.

Still, there are various methods to eliminate the Automobiles carbon footprint as much as possible.

The most obvious substitute for driving carbon emitting vehicles is to go old-school and ride bicycles to go to the office and other places at least once or twice a week.

By opting riding bicycles, you not only contribute to saving the earth but also riding bicycles you’d be maintaining your physique as well.

The other option is carpooling. A cost-effective but a little hard to follow through sometimes. In this method, a group of people pitch in and hop on a single vehicle to travel to the office.

The drawback of keeping this strategy up is that people wouldn’t be able to organize themselves and waste a tremendous of effort and time implementing this strategy.

Finally, the option of choosing the alternative fuel vehicle, EV. There are still majority of the mass in the world who can’t adopt this alternative. This is because these EVs are relatively much expensive than its counterparts.

Furthermore, EVs may entirely be fuel-efficient, however, the manufacturing of these vehicles still emits hazardous fumes into earth’s atmosphere.

All of these methods may seem too hard to achieve, some might even consider impossible. Be that as may, this is definitely an ideal way to eliminate or at least mitigate the car pollution problem that we face today. We just need our attitude to be right and just to act on it.

The Distance To Ship Your Car

In order to decide whether you need to ship your car or not depends on the how much time and distance it would take to ship your car.

If the distance is short and within a few hundred miles, it’s always a good option of driving your vehicle by yourself. This will save your cost of shipping a vehicle and would be less harmful to the environment.

However, if the distance is long and has more miles to travel to the destination point. Driving yourself may not be a good idea at all. This is because the more you travel on the road the more fuel emissions would be exhausted into the atmosphere.

You might be wondering what does hiring an auto shipping carrier would do? You may be right to some extent. Because car shipping carrier would too be emitting harmful gases into the environment.

But let me tell you, that a single car shipping carrier easily can carry up to 10 to 12 vehicles on the back of its trailer. Therefore, an auto hauling carrier would still be emitting less harmful gases as opposed to vehicles that were driven by their respective owners.

The car shipping carrier would effortlessly haul all of these vehicles and none of these vehicles have to be in the ignition or in running mode to carry.

Wait, there’s more!

Besides these carriers being able to carry around 10 to 12 vehicles. These carriers abide by the EPA Regulations on emission standards.

Considering on Hiring an Auto Hauling Service?

There are several options for hiring an auto hauling service when you look online. A simple search on google and you’d find hundreds of car shipping services.

The best way to get in touch a reliable auto shipping company in the US ship your vehicle is to find a service provider who has been in business for a decade or two.

Auto Transport City (ATC) is a marketplace where you would find what you’re looking for in a car shipping company. With over hundreds of auto hauling companies, it’d be a cinch for you a decent one in no time at all.

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