Ford Focus ST 2018

Ford Focus ST 2018

World’s famous automaker, Ford Motor Company came with a sportier version of a hatchback in 2018. They called it Ford Focus ST. ST because it means sports technologies. Now, this version of Ford Focus is the fourth generation, with the first generation that came out in 1998 and ran successfully till 2004, and like this, the generations kept coming up till now with a name of Ford Focus ST 2018. This hatchback has nothing new in it and it has no competition in the world of compact cars, but this hatchback is known for its functionality and elite performance. Because of the few changes in some technical and mechanical features of this car, one can only wonder out of curiosity that what this Focus ST has to offer.

Mechanical Features and Exterior

Ford Focus ST 2018-04

Specially made for petrolheads and car lovers, this hatchback has decent fuel efficiency with a speed enough to satisfy people who crave for high-level performance. With a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, one can expect what they should from Ford that is the ultimate horsepower of 252 which makes acceleration better with great speed. 270 pounds-feet of torque gives it an extraordinary amount of strengths. Highest speed experience of reaching 60 miles per hour in just 6.3 seconds is enough to make the driver go wild with enthusiasm. Ford Focus boot space is an unprecedented feature These stats are not attractive enough for the layman, but this is an ample amount of energy generating by 2018 Ford Focus ST engine that we are talking about here.

Gray painted premium aluminium rado wheel along with the Y- Rated tires of 18-inch makes the best combo to serve the great driving experience. With clear coat paint and body-coloured front and rear bumper, the car is able to express its structure of the body. Black side windows trim with black front windshield trim gives it an opulent look. With the body coloured door handles power side mirrors with the convex spotter, manual folding and signal indicator makes it so easy to handle certain functions from inside a car. The car is with fixed rear window with fixed interval wiper, while the heated wiper park and defroster warm up the ice that is freeze-dried on the window in cold weather and saves the driver’s time and effort in warming up the car and windshield.

Exceptional Interior Features

Ford Focus ST 2018-02

Top priorities that Ford has considered for its customers are the reasons that Ford has managed to shine its name in the index of customer satisfaction. The split fold-down rear seat allows the user of the car to make some really good space when there is a lot to put inside a car.

Now to any car driver, the proper car driving position is the most important factor, but many companies give only trivial importance to this issue. Ford has positioned a telescoping steering column in this car because they value customer’s satisfaction.

Maintaining the class with comfort, Ford has utilized what can be considered as a luxurious material that is seats of Recaro, the only brand that can be trusted when it comes to seats. The styling of luxurious material is taken into consideration to complement a full metallic body. Better ride with smoother handling can make possible the notion of unflustered performance ideal for any car user. With the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $25,170 which is a reasonable price in the exchange of a Ford, you can expect quick acceleration with the optimum level of satisfaction.

What new in this version of the hatchback is its practicality aiming to provide a good driving experience? But one thing that Ford did not observe is the compromised packaging. With those special seats, space is compact that can make anyone sitting in the rear feel uncomfortable and constricted. Well, there are not many rivals of this hatchback, but where there is a car there is always a competitor. Competitors of this hatchback have sustained their status of versatility and these cars have functional ability to adapt to different activities. Ford Focus ST is a wonderful piece of a hatchback but then not a good example of versatility.

Travel Safety

Ford Focus ST 2018-02

Safety is the most important element, and since most of the time family is travelling with us, the notion of the safe and sound drive is a must. Ford has covered it all in this new generation of Focus ST.

Now with the Electron Stability Control that is an effective and efficient direction control which completely reduces the risk of accidents to zero, this hatchback has something to provide when it comes to safety. Driver knee airbags at the time of accidents provide the support that is essential at that moment. Traction Control that is paired with anti-locking braking system assists the driver in getting the full control over the vehicle while he is driving and when the emergency arises, and to prevent the wheel spin because of the acceleration.

Low tire pressure can have a serious impact on driving conditions and could make things worse for the driver. Ford has reviewed this carefully and has installed the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that alerts the driver about the conditions of the tire. Dual-stage airbags along with passenger front airbags and curtain airbags in the car are there to provide the support of the airbags at the time of an accident and absorb a great amount of pressure to prevent any possible damage from occurring. Many drivers do silly mistakes while backing up their cars.

What happens is that because of the rear blind spot of the car accidents do happen. This company has tried its best to attach a camera at the rear of the car to assist the driver to look at the back side of the car in the screen that shows backside. So the backup camera helps the driver to back up their cars without worrying about anything.

Warranty Benefits

Ford Focus ST 2018-06

One of the benefits of buying a new car is the warranty. For the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, any defect in the workmanship or material that could possibly occur in a car within that timeframe or miles would be covered by the company itself.

These were just a few main highlights of this new generation of Ford. To experience what and how it feels in real, one should really try using it.

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