What To Expect From Auto Transport In The Future?

Humankind has always felt the necessity to evolve its logistical means and when it comes to auto transport it is no different. As a matter of fact, the process of evolution in auto transport is more prominent then it has ever been in the past few decades. Companies, manufacturers and even the government agencies are now investing more resources into developing new and innovative ways that would make the process of shipping cars more seamless.

Speaking of innovation and development, a law goes by the name of the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate is being implemented throughout America. It makes compulsory for the truck drivers to maintain their records electronically so that the shipment may be easier to track. This greatly reduces the damage which is caused by any mishaps during the shipment phase by increasing the awareness.

Whether the truck drivers completely agree with the law or not is a controversial topic, to say the least. On the forefront, it does seem like a very good idea but there’s more to it then meets the eye. There is little to no room for creativity or versatility for the driver. This has caused a major uproar amongst truck drivers. They are very vocal about the issue and many protests among the states are taking place. For them, the process is creating more problems than solving and the whole system is full of flaws and is sure to fail from the start.

If we are being honest it’s very hard to accuse any one particular party. Because both have valid reasons and justifications.

What Is The ELD Mandate?

The rule itself consists of a series of various other regulations which might make it more confusing than it actually sounds. In its most basic form, the ELD device is an electronic device that tracks a driver. It serves an alternate to conventional paperwork which is currently in use by the majority of the auto transport for tracking.

How Does It Affect The Driver?

Depending on transit, drivers are now prone to lose driving hours cause of the time limit imposed by the law. The mandate states that after 11 hours of driving the driver must take an 11 hour off time. This may cause delays in delivery times which might ultimately result in the loss of revenue for the auto transport company.

From the driver’s P.O.V sometimes it is more profitable to neglect the rest time and get the delivery as quickly as possible. So, the customer can get their car on time and the driver doesn’t get to lose money. Now, this wasn’t always recorded or logged. Oftentimes such acts although against the rules and regulations were neglected. But now no more because after the implementation of ELD every single mile is tracked and logged. To avoid penalties the driver needs to follow a strict set of guidelines.

So, even if the driver is a few minutes away from the destination and the time limit expires he will face charges for not taking off time. This may result in the degradation of the delivery of various products and a handful of angry transporters

In the hustling and bustling of modern life people tend to forget important things due to their busy and hectic schedule. Therefore, it is essential to plan ahead and keep things sorted out. Smartphones can help you with these hustles. During the implementation of the ELD rule, the government was well aware of the cost overhead putting on the auto transporter companies. And this trucking technology might not be feasible.

Therefore, to overcome these concerns the FMCSA has approved the use of smartphones. As long as the autotransporter meets the requirements. This way the customer can easily keep track of the shipment with a complete sense of security.

Shipping Using Auto Transport City (ATC)

As far as ATC is concerned. Some car shipping services might face a bit of degradation in terms of delivery times during this transition phase. This might result in a longer customer waiting time. It might also cause a fluctuation in prices and customers might face some inconveniences. Nevertheless, it may pay off in the long run. Once its completely implemented customers will get a complete sense of security. But unfortunately, customers have already started showing their concerns. Less driving time might result in truck drivers being less productive.

The impact of this is felt by a regular consumer. While shipping for motorcycles or cars because ultimately trucks are the primary source of transportation. People have different views regarding this issue. While some appreciate the safety and security it provides. Others argue that it immensely decreases productivity and is very damaging for the customer and shipper alike. Whether it be a positive and calm sense of security or some troubles faced by the drivers. One thing remains certain that ELD is here for a long long time. In modern times safety and security is given the utmost priority.

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