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Hyundai Elantra sport

You might not have heard a lot about things of South Korea due to its diplomacy policies. But the Hyundai is what now South Korea is famous for. The Hyundai Elantra Sport is the next big thing that Hyundai has surprised people with. The South Korean auto manufacturer has emerged as a behemoth. And has given a hard time to all the auto manufacturers that had a knack of providing efficient automobiles. The sporty look of Hyundai is nothing when it comes to the features added to the model of 2018. It has lots of ultra-modern features such as rear-cross traffic option. Hyundai Blue link is a connectivity application that informs about the car’s health. Its send monthly reports to the car care information.

In 2017 only, Hyundai Elantra Sports version was upgraded as per the appearance. A turbo engine has been added and also has upgraded the chassis.

What Features Does It Offer You

This time the Hyundai has offered a car that is upgraded based on features and not just on sporty looks. It has comfort and stability in the car’s ride this time. The steering controls are on point. In short, you are in reasonable control of your vehicle. The exterior is pretty kind of Elantra as it looks reliable and sustainable by the look. But the car experts have rated it as an average joe among the top cars when it comes to the exterior of it. Elantra not in any way lacks in power. It has a 147 horsepower and along with that and 132 pound-feet of torque. On average the fuel of all the trim levels of the Hyundai Elantra is 14 gallon. The Hyundai Elantra Sport has been ranked among the top cars that give the best mileage.

Hyundai Elantra Tech Features

Technologically Hyundai Elantra is no less than a giant. It is equipped with almost all of the latest features a car could have. Here is the long list of just the tech features Hyundai Elantra Sport has:

Electronic Stability control system: The stability control system in Hyundai is an optimum level feature. It has only been provided by the top-notch car manufacturers in their cars. What does it do? It is a system that saves the car from the loss of traction. The spinning of the car due to the lost control over the traction has caused many accidents. Reason being this feature has been introduced. It controls the car to skid, by applying its electronically enabled brakes.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS is the short form of “Tire pressure monitoring system.” One of the most unpleasant surprises you can get is an inflated tire when going for office etc.

TPMS system monitors the air in the tires whether it is lowly inflated or not? It automatically indicates you about the pressure in the tire. Usually, it is a symbol that appears on the dashboard of your car.    

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD)

One of the biggest reasons why EBFD was introduced is due to the accidents happening because of loose breaks. The reason why it is presented because almost all the braking technologies were equipped with the system that applied the same pressure to all the wheels of the car even when the weight is not equally distributed. When brakes have been applied the effect of brakes should be distributed equally to every tire.

The EBFD system does the job of equal distribution to all the tires of braking power. Because the weight of each tire is handling may be different. This helps in stopping the car to skid.

Keyless Ignition & Antilock System of Braking

You won’t be dissatisfied with the car’s safety systems in any way Who doesn’t like a frill here and there in the everyday sedans? So, apart from safety features, there are also some features which you could flaunt about. Forgetting the car keys when you are already getting late is the last thing you would like to do. Hyundai Elantra Sport is not just keyless, it has a remote central locking system. The remote control of its electronic systems gets the car unlocked. So, the worries of carrying keys are over for Elantra owners.

This isn’t it, by purchasing the limited trim level of the car you could add many more features to your car. It includes the famous cruise control system, lane assist technology and also has an 8-inch display and a complete infotainment package. That consists of 8 speakers with the best sound system of Clari-Fi & navigational system. Who wouldn’t like to buy a car that has such a wide range of exclusive features? But the common problem arises is of what car hauling company to choose? And how to select the best car shipping company?

To be honest, this isn’t a really daunting task. We complacently announce that we are the top marketplace of America where Car haulers and Shippers meet. Instead of having a biased vision we decided to start a marketplace known as Auto Transport City that is free of biases. With decades of experience, we have been providing our services successfully.     

Hyundai Elantra Sports Trim Level Options

The touch of leather makes the interior gentle no matter it is only used in the car’s surface. Whereas the seating at the front has been given a sporty look to add beauty. The 6-speed manual transmission is available at the price of $21,800. The Sports trim level also has alloy wheels of 8-inch and also has breaks that are bigger than other trim levels.     

While moving the car, you will see a lot of car transport trailers. But the question that is of substantial importance is what ways to choose and what methods to pick when you need to do the car hauling of Hyundai Elantra Sport.

Why Both Open Air and Enclosed Carrier are Suitable for Hauling Elantra

The suitable thing is to do the car hauling of Hyundai in an open carrier. Because in this way you could save money. The drawback of it is that your car will be exposed to the weather ailments and the road debris. But thinking pragmatically, you are not shipping a brand new car which is why you can use an open carrier.

While we all know the benefits of an enclosed carrier. Both the roof and the top of an enclosed carrier is covered. This makes it nearly impossible for the weather to damage the car. So, if you don’t even like the dirt and dust covering your vehicle. You should go for an enclosed carrier. Still, we would recommend doing the car hauling by an open carrier.  


The Method is Dependent on Your Choice

You don’t need to get advice from someone when choosing the method of car moving. Because it solely depends upon your choice what way you need to select for Hyundai Elantra Sport. The option you need to make is between cost and comfort. If you need to be free from any kind of hassle, then you should select the door-to-door method. Both the pickup and offloading your car will be done from your exact location. For instance, if you have already saved money by choosing an open carrier, then you can select this method for getting complete comfort.

While the other two methods are known as door-to-terminal & terminal-to-terminal. In the door to the terminal way, your car will be picked from your provided location. But at the time of shipment, you need to go to the terminal and drive your vehicle back. This is an affordable way of car hauling. The last method is also called the cheapest means of car hauling. In this for both the pickup and offloading your car you have to reach to the terminal and do the following. You need to keep in mind that, this is a method full of hassle. You could choose it when you have ample time to reach the location where you want your car shipped or when you need to save money.

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