Long Live America – Happy Independence Day

Long Live America – Happy Independence Day

The year 1776 was the year when one of the world’s powerful and the wealthiest countries took the large area of the earth and came to live. This country is a country that we all know as The United States of America. Long live America is what we would hear often this day! People look forward to this day because this day is when they feel the real freedom. Freedom has always been the reason as to why people. 

happy independence day america
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If we talk about this year, we can do the math and get to know the age of America. America will be 243 years old on the 4th of July, 2019. This independence day was celebrated by almost 2.5 million people in 1776 and if we look at the current population of the USA, we can expect around  329,065,837 people of the USA to be enjoying the day as Independence Day of America.

Independence Day and Auto Relocation

There wouldn’t have any holiday on this day if Congress had not considered the holiday as mandatory in 1870. This is the day many Americans wait for and that is when they move out with their families to visit historical places of America. They move out in cars and roll their cars to have a look at beautiful America with their kids.

Independence Day and Auto Relocation

People travel a lot this day in order to give their kids the concept that America is their homeland and they must do everything to save it from the wrong people. On such auspicious and sacred days, many auto transporting platforms like Auto Transport City give this facility to people who want to ship their cars to the desired location for traveling purpose. If you have future plans of traveling to some state of the USA that you never have visited before, then you don’t have to feel anxious about rising rates of traveling fares because you don’t need a taxi or a bus. You can always use your car for that. In such a case, you need to get connected with Auto Transport City. Contact them in order to know the best auto truckers who can ship your car by using the best car shipping calculator to the right location. 

Facts Related to Independence Day!

This day has managed to bring a lot of happiness in the lives of the Americans. Some facts other than the increase in the rate of travel are covered in the following pointers:

Facts Related to Independence Day
  • Almost half of the American people move out on that day to visit some other state in order to educate their selves about America. That is when the need for hiring auto transportation companies to arise. Even if they don’t travel to another state, they just go out to their houses and meet other people. 
  • The first week in the month of July is the busiest week in the USA when people travel a lot! 
  • Millions of dollars are spent buying fireworks. Americans are fond of beautiful colors and fireworks certify that!
  • It had been under the books that if the national bird had not been the eagle, it would have been Turkey!
  • Although it has been established that more than 60% of the Americans order online food but they cannot stay away from one special food no matter how much do they try. Americans, apparently, admire hot dogs! They can be seen eating a lot many of hot dogs when it is about Independence Day. It is also because Americans love food and since this country has a lot of immigrants, this place has become the hub for the special taste of food from all around the world!
  • The stars we see now on American flag were in a circle in the original flag to show that all Colonies are equal. It was a symbol to show that all the Colonies in the USA share the same blood and they are all equal and deserve equal rights.
  • The word, “liberty”, has something to do with America or American people because almost 59 of the popular places of America has in their names the word “liberty”. Same goes with the word “union”. Seems like Americans are so patriotic about some words because of the impact they bring in their lives.
  • Many artists use the theme of 4th of July in their movies and songs in order to show their love for the country that is beloved to them.
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Auto Transport City wishes all the Americans, Happy Independence Day! We know all of you deserve a good holiday and since we treasure you we are giving special Independence Discount so that you can enjoy your time traveling and meeting your family without getting worried about the transportation prices that would normally get high in the market because of the rising demands. Just imagine what 20% discount can help you with! You can save this money to buy presents for your loved ones on Independence Day! Again, Happy Independence Day!

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