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What’s so Special in Mustang Bullitt?

Under-promising and over-delivering are what Ford is known for. Before the launch of 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt, it has followed the very same strategy. When at first Ford showcased it at Detroit. They promised a car with a minimum of 475 horsepower. But all the Ford lovers were astonished to see a 480 hp. You must feel proud to purchase this car as it is a “limited edition” car. Only a handful of lucky owners would buy it. It is priced around $48,400 after the addition of destination charges. The top speed of 163 miles per hour is ready to make you go bananas. There are 2 colors in which Mustang Bullitt is available in “Dark Highland Green” and the other one is known as the “Black Shadow”. Instead of keeping the leather interior as an option, Ford Mustang Bullitt has kept it as the standard feature in the car.

The 19-inch aluminum wheels. The Italian manufacturer Brembo brakes add ice to the topping in the features of Bullitt. One of the most dominating things it had is a V8 engine. Even the V6 engine is considered as an advanced engine. The last model which was launched of the Ford Mustang was in 2001 and 2008. So, there’s something great people were expecting and that’s what 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt has given to them. From the seats to the steering wheel, everything is of leather in the Ford Mustang. The led screen is of a 12.0-inch screen. The Ford Mustang Bullitt has a 420 lb-ft of torque. This was an overview of the basic features of the Ford Mustang Bullitt. Here’s the overview of the specification of Ford Mustang Bullitt. Want to know about Ford’s specs briefly? There you go:

Detailed Evaluation of the Specs of 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Engine Specifications

The sporty Ford Mustang Bullitt has not compromised a single bit on the power and performance. This is why the engine of the car has also a 5.0L V8 engine with which you could check the throttle of the car. Even the best and the latest cars have a V6 engine. But since the Bullitt is launched in the market to set a new trend among the muscle cars it has a V8 engine.

Horsepower 480 (93 octane fuel) at the rate of. The ratings of mileage as per EPA of 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt is 15 for city and 25 for the highway. The transmission it has is a 6-speed with manual the transmission. Max seating capacity is of 4 people. With the efficient rear-wheel drive services. The trunk volume of the car is no less than the seating capacity. It has a trunk volume of  13.5 fastback version and 11.4 for the convertible.

How’s The Handling of Mustang Bullitt?

The brakes used in it are of the famous Brembo brakes company. So, even if you mishandle the Mustang the caliper of the break would save you from a rainy day. The disc brakes are on all the four wheels. When talking about the handling here are the options that 2019 Mustang Bullitt offers:

  • An electrically power assisted system is equipped with the Mustang Bullitt. This technology gives a top-notch efficiency when it comes to the handling of the car. When the speed is in a normal range then it provides the best performance.
  • To cover the road bump shocks and on uneven surfaces, the Independent rear suspension is enough to deal with it.  

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How Much Powerful is It?

  • Transmission in it is the 6-speed manual. Rev matching is also a part of it.
  • The cooler instilled with the engine increases the car’s efficiency. Only the racing cars have the kind of functions before. The purpose of it is, your everyday cars need oil for lubrication and if it doesn’t get it the car exhausted. For saving yourself from this jeopardy, there’s an oil cooler. That oil cooler keeps the temperature of oil on required levels for any damage.     

What does the exterior offers?

  • Mustang Fog Lights: Nothing is ordinary in the Ford Mustang Bullitt. Just like that, the lights used in it will give you a crystal clear vision. Even in the dust and snow. Especially fog is the weather where you must not have a blur vision. So you are free from all these worries when you own the Ford 2019 Mustang Bullitt.
  • Hood scoop: To make it a perfect match for muscle car lovers there is already a hood scoop in the beast. It doesn’t only give it a beast-like look but the air entering the engine keeps it cool.
  • Blind spot mirror: For the safety of your car and of other car drivers the blind spot will give you a complete vision of the places where you can’t even see. The turn indicators are one of the most underrated features of cars. A big number of accidents do happen because turn indicators are used less. Drivers need to use it more often for safety purposes.

Now, since we know all the ins and outs of the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt’s specifications. We now need to see how can we do the car hauling of Ford Mustang.

How to do the car hauling of Bullitt?

There are several methods and ways we will discuss the ones which you need when shipping your 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt:

Ways to ship your Ford

The are two ways by which you can ship your car. One way is an open-air carrier which is opened from both the roof and the top of the trailer. It is known as one of the cheapest ways with which you could select while choosing a car transport trailer.    

Since we are concerned with what we need to do, we will select the enclosed trailer. The best way to ship your Ford Mustang Bullitt is to choose an enclosed car carrier. The reason being is that we are shipping a brand new car. So it’s a car that is handsomely priced and penny-pinching at such a moment would cost you a lot more.


What method to choose while shipping Bullitt?

There are 3 methods among which you need to select. You can select any of the car hauling methods. In the methods of car hauling, you need to select based on your comfort level and on your budget. While moving the car, you can select the most feasible option which is door-to-door transport. In this method, both the pick-up and the delivery of your car will be done from the comfort of your door. In the door-to-terminal method, your car is picked from the door of your house but at the time of delivery, you have to visit the terminal. Then drive the car back from the terminal to your location. It is also known as a cost-efficient method because you get both the comfort & also saved cost.

Last but not least, the terminal-to-terminal method. In this, you have to take the car to the terminal for both the pick-up & delivery. This way is best for people who have ample time to shift to another location and also willing to save money. 

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