Prepare Your Vehicle For Shipping

Let’s assume you did the first step which is to find a reputable and trusted auto transporter. Now you need to prepare your vehicle for shipping. Each auto transport company has its own set of rules and regulations. Before shipping your vehicle you need to keep in mind your auto shipper’s policies. It is in your best interest to exercise the necessary precautions with your vehicle shipping company.

Necessary Precautions To Remember

Stated below are some small but important precautions that you should always keep in mind.

Don’t Leave Personal Items Inside Your Car

People like to ship everything along with their vehicles. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea. While a few auto transport companies allow some items to be shipped, most of them don’t like to take unnecessary risks. Your items may not seem harmful but during the transit they become detrimental.

Scratches, dents, and paint removal are a common occurrence during vehicle shipping. Most auto transporters don’t provide you insurance for shipping your personal items. Therefore, one more reason to avoid shipping your belongings along with your vehicle. If the carrier is crossing a rough terrain these items become even more detrimental for your vehicle’s condition.

The extra added weight of your items might also put you above the predetermined weight limit. As a result, you will be required to pay a premium depending on your Autotransporter.

Give Your Car A Wash

This might sound a bit odd to you. Especially if you are shipping your vehicle via an open carrier but hear us out. Prior to transporting your car, the driver of the carrier assesses your vehicle thoroughly. He takes notes of any scratches, dents, chips, etc. that are on your car. Also, a clean car can be easily visually inspected then a dirty one.

A thorough visual inspection ensures that your car is free of any damage prior to being transported. As a result, giving your car a wash ensures that there are no disputes between you and the carrier after the delivery.

Don’t Forget To Check Your Car’s Battery

Always make sure that your car’s battery is functioning properly. Ignore this precaution and your vehicle might fail to start after the delivery. This happens because your vehicle was not used for a prolonged period of time during the transit. An optimum and fully charged battery will ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition even after a long period of idleness.

Car fluids such as oil, coolants, etc. should also be double-checked before you decide to ship your car.

Check Your Gas Tank

Please ensure that your gas tank is not full to the brim. Not only does this increase the weight of your car which might cost you some extra bucks but it also increases the risk of accidents. Your car often gets transported through rough terrain. Filling your car’s gas tank fully often results in some sorts of leakage. This leakage of fuel might result in a catastrophe. To ensure the safety of your vehicle and the driver you need to follow this golden rule. Only fill a quarter or 1/8th of your tank with fuel.

Don’t leave your gas tank completely empty as this might cause some minor inconveniences after the delivery.

Remove After Market Modifications

It is a good idea to remove possible aftermarket add-ons. If removing isn’t feasible make sure they are properly secured. Loosely fitted addons might become detrimental for your shipment during transit. Keep in mind that addons or modifications that increase the size or weight of your vehicle might prove costly. They might push your car’s weight over the permissible limit.

Aftermarket or additional modifications greatly increase the chance of your vehicle getting scratches or dents during the transit period. Remove them prior to shipping your vehicle or fix them properly. Most auto transport companies don’t provide insurance for the damage caused by these items.

A Quick Tip

Always keep in contact with your auto shipping partner. Ask them to inform you about any additional steps for preparing your vehicle that they deem necessary. The most common tips about preparing your car before shipping have already been mentioned above. If you follow these steps you will ensure that your vehicle is ready to be shipped with minimal issues. You can also contact us if you have any queries regarding the shipping of your vehicle at our customer support

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