Relationship Between Women and Automotive Industries in 2019

Women and Automotive Industries in 2019

Recent changes in 2019 have been observed in the automotive industry when women all over the world decided to not stay silent and speak for their rights. Parity is not something that is reserved for males only or for females only. Equality is now the right of males and females both. This is something that corporates need to know and realize that it’s their job to bring equality in the working environment and pay. It is the job of the corporates to take this matter into consideration and implement laws related to equality and equity. One main industry that has taken this issue seriously is the automobile hauling industry. Auto transportation Industries are working for the equality of both genders. It is impossible to think about ‘women and automobile industry’ because not many women are involved in such businesses as the men are involved. 
It was the olden times when women use to feel insecure and unsafe in the automobile industry work fields and many other major industries. According to a report, in the automotive industry women reported a higher amount of harassment and sexism as compared to other industries. 65% of them reported that they were treated with a biased attitude and were given easy tasks to perform because their male partners thought of them as weak and unable to handle the sensitive matter. There were offered unwanted sexual advances to around 65% of the women and around 25% of the females felt unsafe in the automotive industry. Now, these stats show the development that this industry needs. But with the help of many strong women, the narrow minds have started opening and the people who work in the automotive industry are being given training in their companies related to equality and how women are important for the development of the industry because most women work harder than males.

Women and Automotive Industries in 2019

Recent changes in the Automobile Industry

In 2019, there came the increased involvement of women executives in the automobile industry since women were considered as the underutilized talent that needs to be hired by the industries to increase the overall profit. In the USA, women hold around 27% of jobs in the automobile and equipment manufacturing industry. 
The recent advancements are not only because of the protests done by feminists alone but also because this age is the age of information and women are considered to take part in every activity that people have reserved for men only for ages! Many women now are educating themselves and many are growing their interest in fields that are related to the automotive industry. 
Programs like ‘Advancing Women in Automotive Knowledge Exchange’ are working for the benefit of women and for the general benefit of all human beings. Programs like these help people to understand why women can take charge of the businesses and why are they important for the increment in the profit, as well.
General Motors is taking the notion of automobiles to the next level because of its recent plans and visions about ‘Gender Equality’. Things have been changing all around the world and people are kicking all the gender stereotypes because of the awareness.

Women and The Roles They Play

Talking about the auto shipping industry we can assume that many companies hire only professional drivers and somehow they do show the biased attitude at the time of selecting the drivers. They always trust and hire male drivers. Well now because of the major changes in the thinking of the people and the people who run auto shipping companies, women can be seen driving trucks! Yes, women are now driving trucks and taking orders from their trusted customers to ship their cars from one place to another. People are now enjoying the services of female truckers because they know women drive it very safely and their cars never get damaged. People always find their cars in the exact same manner as they left it on the terminal because women take extra care at the time of driving and shipping cars from one place to another place.
Professional drivers mean a driver who has passed a certain driving test and has got all the licenses necessary for the person to drive on the road. Now, that person can be male and can be a female. The term “professional driver” is not gender-specific. We are those people who think about “men” when it comes to ‘professional auto transporters’ or even ‘drivers’! We need to change our minds so that we can grow and develop into a nation that works for each other’s benefit rather than thinking that their fellow human being is not enough or does not “fit in the job”.
It is not just the automobile industry where we have observed changes with respect to gender equality. Women are getting enrolled in many courses that are reserved for “males” only and nowadays women are bringing revolution in almost every industry that we can think of.

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