Shipping a vehicle that you simply bought from a web auto auction are often a challenging task if you don’t know much about the method . Primarily, this concerns customs clearance that any vehicle must pass at the port of destination. This involves providing all necessary documents to the port officers and paying all duties and import taxes.
With auto transport city, you’ll simplify the shipping process. the moment shipping quote that you simply can calculate online includes the value folks customs clearance and documentation fees. To avoid delays and extra storage fees, we recommend you steel oneself against customs clearance at the destination port by reading this text 

Vehicle documentation you need:

No matter how you select to ship a vehicle .it must enter through the port of the country of destination to succeed in its destination. to try to to that, you’ll got to provide a spread of auto documents to port authorities.
the subsequent documents are required:
Copy of Bill of Sale or invoice
Copy of consignee
Also, you would like to upload the subsequent documents on auto transport city via your profile:
Consignee information for the vehicle’s recipient
A copy of the buyer’s passport
A copy of the auction paid invoice
You can also purchase insurance for your shipping order, and that we will lookout of all the paperwork that’s left. Import tax and duty
To get permission to bring your vehicle into the country of destination, you’ll got to pay import taxes and duties first.
The Value Added Tax (VAT) on the import depends on the country where you’re importing the vehicle and can be somewhere between 19-22%. The duty also varies counting on the country and therefore the vehicle type. you’ll ask the customs and VAT authorities in your country for details.
Contact auto transport city:
We are handling clearing customs for you, however, it’s your responsibility to verify import procedures and customs clearance at the destination port. If you would like any help thereupon please contact us have partners in many countries round the world which will assist you steel oneself against clearing customs at the destination.
Customs clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along side documents.
Some of the documents involved in customs clearance are :
1. Exports Documentation: order from Buyer, Sales Invoice, Packing List, Shipping bill, Bill of Lading or air way bill, Certificate of Origin and the other specific documentation as .
2. Every port in every country round the world puts your cargo through a customs clearance process.
specified by the customer , or as needed by financial institutions or LC terms or as per importing country regulations.
2. Imports Documentation: order from Buyer, Sales Invoice of supplier, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading or Air way bill, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, and the other specific documentation required by the customer , or financial organization or the importing country regulation.
What’s more, the principles regulations, and laws are a touch different from country to country, sometimes from port to port within a rustic , making someone who focuses on customs clearance vital to a shipper exporting and importing goods.
These specialists are called customs brokers and therefore the work they are doing is named customs brokerage or sometimes customs broking.
Having the incorrect person handle your customs brokerage are often very problematic. Shipping containers are warehoused as they are going through customs clearance. Warehousing and storage fees can add up quickly. If there’s a drag together with your customs brokerage and your customs clearance doesn’t happen smoothly, your shipping costs could go up by hundreds to thousands of dollars.On top of those costs, the delay in getting your shipping containers released to you due to customs clearance problems could cost your business extra money because the arrival of your shipment is delayed. Your freight forwarder should even be ready to handle your customs clearance, but you’ll prefer to handle it separately together with your own customs broker.When choosing a freight forwarder, you would like a corporation with the experience to handle your customs clearance well and who knows what to try to to should any issues arise.
For these reasons, going with the most cost effective freight forwarder you’ll find to handle your shipping can end up to be far more expensive than hiring a freight forwarder with a touch higher quote but who has far more experience within the business.
There are other belongings you can do to assist ensure your shipping containers make it through customs smoothly.
Here are 2 ways you’ll help make the customs clearance process smooth for your shipment.

1. Properly Load Your Shipping Container: One of the most important belongings you can do is confirm your shipping container is correctly loaded. Ultimately, because the shipper, you’re liable for the loading of your shipping containers. you’ll do so as you see fit; however, if shipping containers aren’t properly loaded, you’ll cause red flags to travel off at customs. Improper loading may cause extensive examinations and even searches of your shipments. You don’t need the delays and costs that are related to this. Household and private effects shippers should pay special attention to the present intrinsically shippers tend to possess less experience with shipping and container loading than business importers and exporters. To help during this area, Universal Cargo Management features a Container Loading Guidelines page on our site.

2. Provide Complete and Accurate Information to Your Customs Broker
There is an excellent deal of paperwork involved in shipping. We have the experience and knowledge of smoothly shipping cargo from one country to a different so you, the shipper, don’t need to worry about all the small print , regulations, and hassles and may specialize in your business. This information will assist you altogether ways.

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