What Causes Vehicle Shipping Delays?

You may oftentimes notice that when shipping a vehicle, your auto transporter gives you a range of dates. These dates are related to your vehicle’s arrival at the final destination. As a result, customers often ponder over the fact that what factors contribute to causing vehicle shipping delays? Unfortunately for them, there is no simple answer to this question.

Factors Contributing to The Vehicle Transportation Delay?

Vehicle shipping delays are due to a wide variety of factors. Some of which can be inevitable and erratic, to say the least. A brief overview of some of these factors is highlighted below.


Snow is the main culprit for vehicle shipment delays during winter season.

The most unavoidable factor is probably “Mother Nature” herself. Weather in the US varies drastically from state to state. Anything from snow and landslides that can cause roadblocks to tornadoes or hurricanes that can completely shut down a route and completely halt the vehicle’s shipping progress. As a result, there is no way to avoid or overcome these disruptions caused by nature.

For example, during winters snow can affect the roads often resulting in slippery conditions. That’s why customers often face long vehicle transportation delays in winters. Sometimes it is wise for the driver to wait out the storm to avoid further financial losses.

Mechanical and Maintenance Issues

Although vehicle transportation companies try their best to keep their trucks in unprecedented shape. Flat tires and various other mechanical issues are often erratic and unpredictable. Transportation companies utilize their trucks daily therefore as a result, schedule breakdowns are part of the routine.

While a flat tire doesn’t hurt the transportation time much a serious mechanical flaw can completely halt the progress. As a result, the vehicle shipment faces a delay. Similarly, a maintenance issue can also result in a longer setback.

Weigh Station Lines

Long weight station lines during peak periods are another unavoidable cause of vehicle transportation delays. Because this cannot be predicted the truck driver oftentimes faces long queues at the terminals. This leads to the customer facing longer than average delays.

Customer Reliability

Another very critical factor that results in vehicle shipment delays is attributed to the customers. It is very common for a customer to be late for their pickup or delivery which results in delay for the rest of the customers.

For example, if a drop off is scheduled and the customer arrives late it can easily throw off the entire transport schedule by hours or more. Also, incomplete or wrong paperwork at the pick-up phase slows down the process and delay the vehicle releasing process. Therefore, as a customer, it is better to understand how the vehicle transport industry works.

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams often result in unexpected shipment delays.

Last but definitely not least is traffic. Delays due to traffic are oftentimes as unpredictable as the weather. It is more concerning for bigger trucks because they need more space to function properly. Traffic can cause severe shipment delays and occur when you least expect them.

No one can have a direct influence on weather-related issues or other unforeseeable situations like roadblocks or traffic jams. Make sure you fulfill your end of the bargain by preparing yourself mentally and on time.

Always Remember

Always be aware that a range of dates for arrival gives room for a more accurate prediction. Don’t forget to keep in mind the vehicle transport company that provides the exact time and date of arrival because these often lead to dubious expectations.

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