What You Need To Understand About Transportation and Logistics?

Transportation and Logistics

People often confuse the term “Transportation” with the word “Logistics” and often think that both of them are almost the same. But these two terms are different because of a reason. Transportation Industry is just one aspect of the entire reality. It is much smaller compared to the logistics industry. It mainly is about the act of transporting something from one place to the place where it is demanded. So, it primarily focuses on the process of movement of things from one place to another.
The logistics industry is the industry that broadcasts a  more extended version of transportation and management of freight that includes many other services that the logistics industry takes care of. The logistics industry is not just the transportation or the delivery of things, but it also includes services such as storage, inventory, packaging according to the demand, handling, etc. So far since now, we have provided the framework, we can now develop a deeper understanding of the concepts in the following paragraphs.  

Transportation Industries

Transportation industries indeed have their boss that is Logistics Industries. They work and operate under them. Transportation industries base their operations on the deployment of the means of transportation that are road, air, and sea. Now logistics industries that are associated with the transportation department provide services that include providing solutions through services like air, sea, and road freight. Transporation is the delivery of stuff from one place to another, but it cannot work alone. Communication plays a vital role in the entire process and is an essential element under the game of transportation.
Whole pressure is asserted on the relationship between the supplier/transporter and the customer. Since communication is the very first step into getting a successful transportation business, one needs to upgrade their play to get the customers. It is not a difficult thing to digest and to abbreviate the whole concept of transportation. We can say that if you want to transport goods, products, vehicles to someplace then it is believed that you should take freight services. This will help you in getting co-operation from the dispatching process to the process of delivery. 

Logistics Industries

Logistics industries are responsible for the production of the products and then their transportation to the point of consumption. The services also include tracking of the package from the point of source till the destination so that the customer is aware of all the timings he/she should know. Transportation industries lift off the pressure from the shoulders of logistics industries and are only one part of the enormous logistics industry.

Services Provided by Logistics Industries

Now since logistics is the boss, there is a reason for that. Logistics industries are responsible for more than one service. These services include storage, package, insurance, documentation, freight damage claims, etc. Some of the primary services are described below:


The process of the entire manufacturing of the products takes place in the logistics industry. They take care of the manufacturing and packaging of the products as well, and that is how it is different from the transportation industries.


They often get involved in the process of the distribution of products from one place to another.

Obtaining Products and Goods

These industries receive stuff and products and deliver their destination. 

Tracking of Products/Vehicles

Logistics industries take every bit of their business seriously that is the reason that you often find them giving the services like the tracking of the package or the vehicle that is transported from one place to another. 


The logistics industry works different methods for efficient and effective transportation of the valued vehicles and or products. The processes that such industries work on are:

Planning Procedures

Planning everything and making appropriate actions for the delivery of vehicles/products.

Controlling Procedures

Controlling Procedures include managing everything and directing their positions. 

Implementing Procedures

Implementing the policies that one has made in order to work legally and maintain professionalism.

Revolution In The Logistics and Transportation Industries

The latest trends regarding new technologies have been emerging as the world is progressing in almost every arena. The transportation industries and logistics industries are revolutionizing because of the access to the technology that is new and is very creative. The notion of speedy and expedited transportation that was once considered imaginary in the past now is believed to be true because of the robotics and artificial intelligence that has taken its place in the market of transportation and logistics. Recent changes and developments that we are seeing in this year of 2019 have it possible the idea of fast and reliable services.
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